Many Latinas grew up hearing their fair share of locuras — old wives’ tales that everyone’s abuela insisted were the truth! We all know these superstitions can’t possibly be real, but we still believe them — and fear them.

Here are Latina Magazine‘s 10 Latin superstitions we all grew up believing. Do have any to add? Share in the comments!

#1: Never place your purse on the floor.
Our mothers always told us that placing our bags on the floor would cause us to lose money. (It’s also a great way to get bacteria all over your bag!)
#2: Azabache bracelets can ward off the mal de ojo.
There’s nothing more terrifying for new parents than the threat of mal de ojo – the evil eye. Mal de ojo is a folk illness that occurs when someone with a heavy energy looks at a weaker person (or baby!) with envy or excessive admiration. To ward off the threat of bad luck that accompanies mal de ojo, many parents give their newborns azabache bracelets.
#3: The Rules Of Threes
This terrifying superstition is commonplace in many Latino households. How many times has your mama told you that bad luck comes in sets of three? If two bad things happen, wait for it – one more is still on its way.
#4: The power of an upside down broom.
Our abuela always said to place an upside down broom behind the entryway door to keep unwanted guests (and demons) out of our home.
#5: Don’t pass the salt!
Don’t pass the salt directly to the hand of another person – unless you want to be yelled at by your tia and give yourself a bout of bad luck. Instead, place the salt shaker on the table in front of the person.
#6: Never gift knives at a wedding.
Oh, you want to give someone a set of knives at their wedding because you think it’s a practical and useful gift? Don’t do it. You’ll only be gifting the newlyweds bad luck and tragedy. If someone happens to give you knives at your wedding, return the favor by giving them a penny. Now, it’s no longer a gift – you paid for it!
#7: Itchy palms mean $$$ is in your future.
Got an itchy palm? Definitely do not scratch it. Don’t even try to relieve the pain by rubbing it on the table or a doorknob.  An itchy palm means money is in your future – so let it burn!
#8: Don’t cut your baby’s hair until they turn one-year-old.
Everyone knows it’s bad luck! Some even believe that prematurely cutting off babies’ hair will cause them to have thin, dry hair for the rest of their lives. Wait until after their first birthday to snip off their locks.
#9: Got the hiccups? Try the red thread method.
Everyone has their own approach to getting rid of the hiccups, but some Latinos believe that licking a red string and placing it on your forehead will rid your body of the annoying fluctuations.
#10: Place a full glass of water behind the door to absorb malevolent spirits. 
One superstition states that can you rid your house of evil spirits by placing a full glass of water behind the door.

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