Accidents Just WAITING to Happen

#1 Look Out Below

They’re gonna need a bigger barricade.

#2 Heavy

Are those clams? Why would anyone need that many clams?


#3 Push It

“This definitely won’t end painfully”.
— This Lady With More Luggage Than Sense

#4 Hang On

Are they already having an accident? Somebody should probably call an ambulance for the guy in the back.


#5 Rickety

Does anyone else hear “Dumb Ways to Die” playing in their head?

#6 They See Me Rolling

This one is going to be hard to explain to Child Protective Services.


#7 Vroom

Probably didn’t need that door anyway.

#8 Balance

It’s impressive now. But in a bump or two, it’s going to be hilarious.


#9 Construction

Frankly, we don’t know why anyone uses more than 11 sticks to build anything.

#10 Choo Choo

Well, that’s going to end up on the news…



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