Church Sign Fails!

#1 What Convention?!

The awkward moment when you notice an accidental typo on a church sign that carries sexual undertones…the CornerStone House of Refuge may have confused their followers so much! We wonder if anyone was brave enough to point out the hilarious mistake, or if perhaps people attended the convention expecting something very different to their normal church sermon?

#2 Exploitation Workshops

If you’re after a free workshop containing helpful tips and tricks on the subject of the sexual exploitation of children, then you’ve come to the right church! We wonder exactly how many passers-by this sign freaked out…Perhaps someone ought to tell this church to focus their efforts on a more family-friendly topic.


#3 On Your Knees

Yep, it’s another unfortunate church sign to succumb to accidental sexual innuendo – How embarrassing! Established as early as 1900, it does not surprise us that the First Baptist Church Newark is a little behind the times when it comes to innuendo and slang…Perhaps someone ought to give this church “the talk”.

#4 Fo Shizzle

This church sign is just plain silly! Another attempt to make church and religion appeal more to the younger, more “hip” generations perhaps? All messages seem to be lost in translation with this church sign, and we can imagine a lot of passers-by looking up at it only to scratch their heads in confusion. Bellegrove Missionary Baptist Church, you have a lot of explaining to do!


#5 Church Will Help

Why let your worries kill you when the Church of the Cross is offering to kill you instead? At least, that’s how this sign has been written to convey! Yep, another church sign fail from an unsuspecting church who only wants to help you! Having people thinking the church wants to kill them though is probably no way to gain followers…

#6 Have a Heart!

Oh no, have a heart for this poor church who may have gone days without noticing the major and hilarious typo on their church sign – Epic fail! The day we start to “let Jesus into our fart” is perhaps the day he stops forgiving those sins of ours! Remember, not everything you read on a church sign is intelligent, or true…


#7 Touch Everyone

Yikes, when a church starts advising its followers to “touch everyone for Jesus”, we can only assume that they are going to lose some church attendees… We’re not so sure that Jesus would think too highly of this one! Remember, next time someone comes up to you and touches you, they must just be a member of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church.

#8 Rocket Surgery?

This church sign will make passers-by laugh every time – It certainly isn’t rocket surgery because there’s no such thing! One would think that arranging words and letters on a church sign would be neither ‘rocket science’ nor ‘brain surgery’. Oh Sunny Hills Church of Christ, we think it’s time to hire a new person in charge of that sign…


#9 Bring Me That…

The New Olivet Baptist Church’s Sunday message seems to have been a little muddled up…Unless Jesus was referring to a very important donkey, we cannot imagine him being quoted as saying “bring me that ass”! On another note, what significance does this message even contain? Oh church signs, you’ve failed yet again!

#10 Meet Jesus

While some church signs are humorous, and others are just a plain failure at getting a certain message across, this sign takes it all to a whole new, and extremely dangerous, level. Lets admit it, there are some devoted followers of Jesus in this world, and telling them to “text while driving” in order to meet him is perhaps not the best idea! You never know who will take a church sign seriously. We hope people stuck to the first option…



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