Craziest Restaurant Receipts

#1 Crude

We wonder if this pickup line has ever worked for anybody?

#2 Check Your Spelling

As appetizing as “penis” butter snickers sound, it looks like a mistake.


#3 So Mean

“PS – You could stand to lose a few pounds.” – WOW

#4 OCD Tipper

Beyond having OCD, this person is a bad tipper. One cent, really?


#5 High As A Kite

Are waitresses allowed to swear on a bill? Well, if the customer is as high as f%$k, then maybe.

#6 You Do The Math

Some restaurant patrons don’t want to think after dinner, or are incapable after too much vino, so they just let the waitress, or computer, do the math for their tip.


#7 How You Rank

This patron got several unknown discounts. We would love to get a receipt like this!

#8 Discount For Being Pregnant

If you want a discount at a restaurant, maybe try using a pillow to pretend to be pregnant.


#9 Pays To Have Well Behaved Kids

If your kids are well behaved, you might get a discount.

#10 You Don’t Get More Than God

A great way to leave a bad tip, pastor.

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