When Disney Characters Get Drunk

#1 Snow White

Whistle while you twerk (corresponding whistling sounds).

#2 Prince Eric

Should he be driving?


#3 Gaston

“Gaston’s been waiting all week to rock this outfit.”

#4 Simba

The Lion King 3 is brought to you by Jose Cuervo (and also rated R).


#5 Belle

When you’re trying to go to sleep but the room won’t let you.

#6 Cinderella

When you make it to work the next day and you’re still drunk.


#7 Pocohantas

Four shots of fire water and they had to cut this scene out of the movie.

#8 Ariel

It’s time to cut The Little Mermaid off.


#9 Sleeping Beauty

Too late. There’s no reasoning with Aurora once she’s had this many appletinis.

#10 Olaf

Looks like Elsa built a snowman with a drinking problem.

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