Funniest Facebook Fails

Sometimes Facebook is just too entertaining!


#1 She’s so Strogn

Guessing her friend’s name isn’t really “Angle” either. Who needs to spell properly anyway?

#2 Nice Pair

Sure, she’s playing dumb (we hope) but she didn’t post this to show off her sunglasses.


#3 Pre-Owned

Um… no thank you! That’s easily one of the nastiest posts that’s ever happened.

#4 Is This a Joke?

Let’s hope this is a joke, otherwise let’s hope the thieves clean him out.


#5 All the Attention

EVERYBODY has people like this on their page. It’s Facebook, not therapy.

#6 Eye Q

Some people just can’t be bothered with those little details like proper grammar…


#7 The Ol’ Switcheroo

That’s 10 points to mom and dad, zero for their semi-alcoholic kid!

#8 Things that Don’t Break

This is a pretty great list of things that won’t get broken if dropped on the floor. In fact, a heart would probably survive too.


#9 Flames of Jesus

You know what, that guy has a really good point. Maybe Jesus is trying to help the guy turn it around?

#10 A Woman’s Place

The only thing that beats a mother with a smart mouth is a mother with a smart mouth who follows her kids’ updates on Facebook.



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