Furniture Looks and Feels Like Human Skin

Like something out of Hannibal Lecter’s living room. UK artist Gigi Barker has created a line of furniture designed to look and feel like human skin. According to New York Magazine, “there is a chair meant to mimic a squishy roll of fat and footstools that look like deformed testes”.  Her work is currently on display at Studio 9191 in London.

The only time you can sit on a pair of balls and it won't hurt.

Like resting your head on one of Aunt Esther’s many rolls.

Someone's been out in the sun

Someone’s been getting a Brazilian wax job!

If I'm gonna sit on a pair of nuts, it's gonna be my own when I'm 80!

If I’m gonna sit on a pair of nuts, it’s gonna be my own when I’m 80!

If you’d like the fleshly furniture to grace the halls of your humble abode, be ready to shell out a couple of bucks for them. The stool will run you close to $800 while the skin chair runs for $2,550.

From Huffpo, Wired, and New York Magazine.


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