10 Cheap Meal Life Hacks

#1 Cool Ranch Seasoning

Because why should that delicious flavor be limited to tortilla chips?

#2 Saving Avocados

Using lemon slices will help you keep your avocados fresh.

#3 Drip-Free PB&J

Don’t waste any of that tasty jelly, make a peanut butter barrier and fill the center with jam.

#4 Fresh Cake

Keep cakes moist by placing a piece of bread on top overnight.

#5 Ice Cream Sandwich

Don’t waste money buying ice cream sandwiches when you can just make some at home.

#6 Toasted Bread

Up the quality of any sandwich by using your toaster to bring it all together.

#7 Yogurt Replacement

Need to make your food supplies spread further? Yogurt can replace everything and help you save some money.

#8 Lasting Bananas

Wrap the top of your bananas with plastic wrap and get them to last four to five days longer.

#9 Buck Menu Blowout

Get a double cheeseburger and a spicy chicken sandwich from McDonalds and you’ll have a very filling meal for two bucks!

#10 Pizza Omelet

Have a leftover slice of pizza and want to make it go a litter further? Pizza omelet!

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