23 Celebrities and Their Historical Look-Alikes

Paul Giamatti and William Shakespeare


Jimmy Fallon and Turkish revolutionist Mahir Cayan


Hank Azaria and Rudolf Steiner


Jeffrey Tambor and Benjamin Franklin


Vincent Van Gogh and Chuck Norris


General Douglas MacArthur and Bruce Willis


General George Patton and Donald Trump


Dustin Diamond and Joseph Pulitzer


Hugh Grant and Oscar Wilde


Jon Stewart and Henry Ward Beecher


Rupert Grint and Sir David Wilkie


Tommy Lee Jones and Andrew Johnson


Charlie Sheen and John Brown


Alec Baldwin and Millard Fillmore


Ellen DeGeneres and Henry David Thoreau


Glenn Close and George Washington


Jay-Z and a unknown man from Harlem


John Travolta and unknown man from the 1860′s


Justin Timberlake and unknown man in a mug shot


Keanu Reeves and Louis-Maurice Boutet de Monvet


Nicholas Cage and man from the Civil War era


Maggie Gyllenhaal and Rose Wilder Lane


Jack Black and the Barber of Seville


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