Arrested Over Vagina Kayak

Quick tip: Don’t pass around images of your nether regions if you’re in Japan. Probably something Japanese artist Megumi Igarashi, who goes by the alias Rokudenashiko, should have considered before crowdfunding a project to build a kayak molded after her own vagina!

Rokudenashiko with her Vagina-Kayak

Apparently, Japan has a law making it illegal to display, sell, or distribute obscene images, a law the 42 year old Igarashi broke when she emailed 3D images of her scanned vagina to over 30 contributors of her “Pussy-Boat” project.

In the very conservative Japanese culture, women’s privates aren’t spoken about, often referred to as “Asako” (translated as “Down there”), while Igarashi refers to it as “Manko” (Pussy) as a way to fight the taboo. There is, however, no taboo for the male genitalia.

This isn’t the artist’s first project. Igarashi seems to have a theme going with other pieces, like dioramas,

Remote controlled cars,


Smartphone cases,

and yes, even Buddha statues!


Igarashi intends on creating more “Manka” inspired art. Future projects include a bed, a door, and even a car! There is a petition filed through to release the artist and to remove this law, before they send Igarashi up the river. Too soon?



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