The Best and Worst Sleeping Positions For Couples

#1 The Hair invasion

You love her long luxurious hair, BUT find out it has a personality of it’s own, OR was that a bad dream?

#2 Needing ‘Space’

All of a sudden, you’re wondering why you need more space in your relationship?


#3 Baby in Bed

Is it just us or does the dog house look like the most comfortable position here?

#4 The Unconscious Message

His says he loves you BUT does he really, if he “gives you the boot” at 2am? Better to stay on your side..


#5 The Battlefield

It’s comforting to know your partner is there when you fall asleep. . . But why does it turn into WWIII?

#6 The House Pet

It always starts with your cozy pet at your feet, BUT apparently you wake-up and find that “it” wasn’t cozy enough.


#7 What’s Better?

Sometimes some of us find sleeping with someone or EVEN our gadgets or our pets is better than sleeping alone. So sad..

#8 The Wrestler

He loves you. . . So much that he smoothers and kills you.


#9 Barnacle Vs Cliff Hanger?

One of you is holding-on to dear life, while the other won’t be able to hang-on much longer. . . And hopefully that’s not “to” the relationship.

#10 ALL 6 Position!

You might be surprised, but many couples end up in these positions ALL in one night, and we wonder why we’re exhausted when we wake-up?


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