10 Examples of Facebook Getting Weird

#1 Doing Homework?

She’s at the school’s library for goodness sake, this is what they do there now. Nope.

#2 For ‘Safety’ Reasons..

A friend: “isn’t that what they put on small things”? Give that friend a medal!!


#3 Attention Wh*res

Right. . . Why would someone want friends to know she’s in the shower? ATTENTION.

#4 Family On Facebook

More times than not, a public shaming will come from family. Worse thing is family is family, and you can’t ‘offend’. . . especially Granny.


#5 The Drama Queen

The drama queen is a queen and don’t you ever try to out “queen” her.

#6 Obsessed Girlfriend?

Through our Facebook feed, we keep in touch with the pulse of culture. . . good, bad and plain WEIRD.


#7 Public Embarrassment

Facebook is kinda like school for some who apparently didn’t go to school.

#8 Google Search Please..

Too bad it’s a conflict of interest for Facebook to explain how to use Google search in their “settings”. It would save a lot of grief and embarrassment.


#9 Getting ‘Owned’

What’s a bullseye target for getting “owned”? Sentimentality.

#10 Facebook Boring?

A gauge to knowing when friends are getting bored, is when your posts begin to get punked.



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