Hilarious Photobombs

Yep, people are still photobombing and it’s still funny. You’ll never believe which celebs we caught photobombing!


#1 Life’s A Beach

Talk about extremes! The lovely girl in the front of this picture has no idea what dwerp face in the back is up to. And what’s up with her bikini? Did a rogue wave set it askew?

There’s so much to comment on we’re almost at a loss for words. A nice day at the beach has become internet fodder. We’d love to see the girl in front’s reaction to this pic. Can you say scene stealer?

#2 This Guy Is Nuts

This little Squirrel made his debut in Banff, Canada when some tourists where trying to get a picture of the beautiful scenery. They named him Nuts, and he became an internet sensation.

Applications popped up where you could “Squirrelize” your own pictures with this little photobombing rodent. The look on his face is pretty priceless. We just wouldn’t want to mess with this little guy as he looks like he could chew a mean hole in your pants pocket- looking for nuts, of course.


#3 Is That Stephen Hawking?!

In what may be the celeb photobomb to beat them all, this guy appears to have renowned physicist Stephen Hawking in the background of this pic. What a cool image of one of the greatest minds of our world.

He should probably be in the forefront of the picture, but we’ll let this guy have it, even though he looks like he should be in a J Crew ad instead. I wonder what Stephen is thinking right now… Who is this guy taking my picture? Or why does the universe keep expanding?

#4 Dog Gone Great Reaction

This pup ain’t no fool. He know’s where the action’s at and where to see and be seen. Well he’s doing a bit of both there, next to these lovely ladies’ posteriors.

I bet he can’t wait to go home and tell the boys what he’s been up to. Talk about the cat that ate the canary. Now all he needs is those girls to turn around and see how adorable he is so he can lap up all the attention. Good boy.


#5 Jesse Tyler Photobomb

These days celebrities are just so put together. They’re almost robotic. That’s why it’s so nice to see Jesse Tyler Ferguson of Modern Family photobombing the insanely gorgeous duo of Mirando Kerr and Orlando Bloom.

Could these two be any more perfect? Way to bring things back down to earth Jesse. We also would have accepted mooning Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, or pretending to stick your tongue in Katie Couric’s Ear. We could all use a bit more silliness like this, especially the beautiful ones.

#6 A Fishy Photo Op

They say timing is everything, and this little fish has got it down. He reminds of us the little mermaid who always wondered what it would be like to be human. “Maybe if I stick my face on a human body, I’ll know what it feels like.”

Maybe not little dude, but you certainly have made this snorkeling pic a lot more fun. Thanks for bringing along all your other fishy friends too. Now grab Flounder and Sebastian the crab and we’ll have a little photobombing party under the sea.


#7 A Visitor Drops In

Animal photobombs are pretty great because they are unintended and naturally funny. Take this little furry friend. He decided to drop in on a group shot and livened things up.

That wet little nose and innocent eyes draw us in for a good look. How did he know just the right moment to drop by? Could be coincidence or maybe we don’t give our animal friends enough credit. He reminds us of that meerkat character from the Lion King.
If only this guy could talk and tell us his timing secret.

#8 A Photo At the Zoo

A day at the zoos turns epic when this family decides to take a picture in front of two amorous giraffes. At least the little guy is facing away from this scene.

We’d love to watch daddy try to explain that one. “They are just play fighting,” would be our answer pick. I suppose the zoo is as good a place as any to learn about the birds and the bees. And at such a large scale. These gentle giants make procreating look pretty awkward. Almost as awkward as trying to explain it to your 3 year old.


#9 Just the Right Angle

Sometimes you have to get creative to make a photo really interesting. This military guy gets it right by positioning himself in just the right place to give the illusion that he’s eating his fellow soldiers dropping out of a helicopter.

He should have rethought the position of his hat though. Looks a wee bit suggestive. Perhaps this was the look he was going for? Either way his efforts make for an entertaining photo. We just hope he wasn’t supposed to be doing something more important at this moment.

#10 I Do!

I guess the woman behind this couple wasn’t expecting to walk into such an intimate moment during her Disney tour. Judging by the look on her face, she’s pretty surprised. And how great/ random is it that she’s wearing a tiara?

Too bad this couple’s moment was foiled by background hilarity. At least they’ll have a good chuckle over it. Is it weird that the background stranger seems more excited than the woman being proposed to? Hopefully she said yes. Oh the magic of Disney.

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