Instagram vs. Reality

#1 Shaky Cam

This is what happened exactly three seconds after she got this shot. Worth it!

#2 Just Woke Up Like This

Girl, nobody wakes up like that! Not even when you were young and well-rested!

#3 Model to Meg

It’s incredible the lengths we go through to look perfect on Instagram, but the reality is well, not much to look at.

#4 Hang Ten

You look like a pro athlete on your Instagram. In reality, you’ve seen little kids with better skills than you.

#5 On Screen Vs. In Person

On Instagram that makeup looked hot, but in reality, she looks just like Mimi!

#6 Sprinkle Lips

This is guaranteed to not be sexy in real life at all. There’s your proof!

#7 Hanging with the GF

Man, you could have at least painted the nails on the other hand. Have some self-respect!

#8 Wet Hair Shot

Honestly, the first one isn’t as sexy as it is impressive, so don’t worry about it girl!

#9 Infinity Signs

Girls, you should probably go ahead and spend another year or two at cheer camp.

#10 Big and Small

Don’t trust the size of anything you see on Instagram. It’s always false!

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