Japan’s Most Famous School Girl

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Ah yes! Japan. Home of the weirdest porn and food that still crawls. You’d think that we’d no longer be surprise at the eccentricities of their unique culture. Well, meet Hideaki Kobayashi. Put him in a robe and he’d look like a sensei from 18th century Japan. However, that’s not his attire of choice. You won’t find Kobayashi rocking a suit and tie either. You can forget about t-shirts and jeans. Kobayashi is most comfortable in what has made him a very popular personality. School girl uniforms.


Paint me like one of your French girls!

Paint me like one of your French girls!

Kobayashi, a computer engineer and photographer by day started dressing as a school girl about three years ago, debuting at an art and design event. As he’s grown more comfortable with his own appearance, he has become more open with his intentions. His reasoning behind the get up? Kobayashi says “Japan society is about conforming to other people, I just want to wear something cute.”

Werk that camera!

Werk that camera!

Despite challenging gender norms, Kobayashi says he is a heterosexual male. He loves women, and does not consider himself to be a woman. He just likes to dress as a school girl.

Please don't lift the skirt.

Please don’t lift the skirt.

Despite the negative feedback he receives on the streets, mostly by other men, Kobayashi has become quite the internet celebrity, mostly among young girls who want to take pictures with him. One prep school has even hired him to teach teens to think for themselves.

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