People Who Are Failing At Life

#1 McDonald’s Tat

Let just hope her love of “McDonalds”, doesn’t have that tat on her backside end-up twice as big..

#2 Godly Tats

Thankfully God forgives. . . even for typos. BUT will you, when you figure “it” out?


#3 Central Park, NYC

Central Park never ceases to surprise OR shock! You never know where that fountain spout has been!

#4 Red Bull Girls: Fuel Efficient

Red Bull Girls are more than just a pretty face, they have the skills it takes to entertain people..


#5 Mom Drives Sometimes

Mom always gets lost, so she decided to follow the road divider home.

#6 Post-Feminism

Perhaps this is the reason why feminism is not as active today? . . “No and Yes” are starting to sound like “Maybe”..


#7 Once A Beauty

We can tell she was ONCE a looker. . . Still she’s a looker but a scary one at best..

#8 Robbery Masks

They thought a “Sharpie” mask would make for a “sharp” idea. . . were they drunk? Sadly nope.


#9 Dad’s Day With The Kids

Doggie murder was not on the agenda here, but we don’t think Dad even had an agenda.

#10 Going On Holiday

In some countries, families do their best to include EVERYONE. . . even if that means “losing” one in the process.



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