People Too Stupid for the Internet

#1 No, You are Not

Now that you mention it, Eric, the similarity is striking. Almost eerily similar….

#2 Hitler and the Hall of Cost

How much did this hall you speak of cost? After all, it is the Hall of Cost, so it must cost a fair amount.


OMG, Laura, you really need to ask someone what they mean next time they say “12 hours ahead”. It is not what you think.

#4 Meaty Oaker Ass

Man, we are not going back to that restaurant again, the food was not very good. In fact, you could say it was downright meaty oaker. #Queensxht

#5 Great Question Jack!

Jack, you are aware where a baby grows and where it eventually comes out of right? And you still ask this question?

#6 Rosetta Stone: Civil Rights Icon

You do not even want to know how angry this lady feels about Rosa Parks! She tried to use it to learn French and had zero success!

#7 Microwave Charge

There was a fake Apple PSA put out on the Internet saying if you put your new iPhone in the microwave it would charge it. Only the smartest of the smart actually tried it.

#8 UK Flag, Naaaa

We hope you did not actually travel to England to buy this Confederate flag, because it definitely is not England’s native symbol.

#9 Double the Pleasure, Double the Fun

Twice the babies, twice the months. Sounds like solid logic to us.

#10 What Flute Are You Playing?

This is either a guitar or MAYBE a violin, if you want to stretch it. Bro, what kind of flute have you been whistling on?

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