Signs Made Better With Vandalism

#1 Bad Babies?

Apparently, this baby is so guilty..

#2 Professor X Is In The Toilet

If you’re an X-Men fan you’ll get this modified toilet sign.

#3 Giving The Finger

This sign doesn’t like us or anyone else for that matter..

#4 Graffiti Artist

Guess who left his signature on this London street? Banksy!


#5 Having Jazz Hands

If only we could look so cool and “jazzy” when we fall down in public!

#6 ‘Do Not Enter’ OR ‘London Calling’?

There’s nothing that says, “do not” on this defaced sign. . . Instead it says “YES, The Clash and rock ‘n roll lives!”


#7 Choking?

Don’t worry Darth Vader will lend you his voice box.

#8 For Bacon Lovers

The love of bacon is everywhere these days, even here in the bathroom.


#9 Superhero Signs

Evidence that Superheros really do existed are seen about town. “Caution. . . Batman is here”

#10 ‘Gadget Legs’?

Can’t tell if this is a legit sign Or English lost in translation? But we get the picture..

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