Town Officer Suspected of stealing panties from son’s girlfriend.

And our newest member to the Creep Club is…! An official from Millersburg, Indiana has been charged with two counts of conversion (which is a class A misdemeanor) for admittedly stealing panties from his son’s girlfriend, who lives in his house.

Sir, I'm gonna need to confiscate those undies.

Ma’am, I’m gonna need to confiscate those panties.

The victim, who refused to be indentified noticed something was wrong when she noticed a bag of her panties peeking out of a safe belonging to 59 year old town marshal David Hathaway. She confronted Hathaway with the support of her boyfriend, to which Hathaway responded by claiming it was a joke.

The victim later found a pair of wet, and crumbled up panties under her bed which led to her and her boyfriend to set up a hidden camera in their room. Images from the camera showed Hathaway entering the room and picking up a pair of panties that were left on the floor, putting them against his face and inhaling deeply. He then placed it back on the floor, grabbed another pair and left.

I think I saw a movie like this. Doesn’t end well.

Hathaway admited to having a panty fetish and is seeking help for the problem, according to a detective being interviewed by

The crime is punishable by up to a year in jail and a fine of up to $5,000, according to the Elkhart County Prosecutor.


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