World’s Heaviest Pole Dancer








Double the fun for the price of one! LuAyne Brown, of Hanover, MD, has the distinction of being the world’s heaviest pole dancer, and she has never felt sexier since dancing professionally.

As she works the poles with the agility and grace of a dancer half her size, Lulu hopes to promote and bring awareness to body acceptance.

Werk it, Sista!

Werk it, Sista!

The dancer says she has always been very active, and was even an athlete in highschool, having had been a cheerleader, field hockey and softball player, and an avid swimmer.

Self-confidence. The sexiest of all traits.

Self-confidence. The sexiest of all traits.

Lulu gained quite the following after posting videos of her work, but everything blew up after making an appearance on America’s Got Talent, with her social media accounts flooded with messages and new followers.

I'll be here all week!

I’ll be here all week!

Of her personal goals, her biggest one is to win a competition. She’s gotten close since competiting proffesionally in 2008, but that big win continues to elude her.  She also would like to make it a career as either a performer or a teacher.

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