Misplaced Advertisements that Have you Keeling Over

#1 If Only This Were True

Starbucks: We wish we knew how to quit you.

#2 The Wheels On The Bus

Is it just us, or are they mismatched?


#3 Brown

That guys face makes it even funnier.

#4 Sound Effects

Someone in layout is about to get fiiired.


#5 Post Workout

That’s one helluva cold.

#6 Just Wrong

Well that’s certainly unfortunate.


#7 Wrong Direction

Shouldn’t that be going up?

#8 Whoops

Accidental racism: so easy a billboard can do it.


#9 Just Grab It

Getting into the car has never been more inappropriate.

#10 Tee Hee Hee

On second thought, maybe not.

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